Through Wiring by Paul Adams

This video quickly covers the basics of through wiring a soft plastic shad for pike fishing. The advantage of the through wire is in the fight the lure slides away from the hook reducing the damage to bait and reduces the chance of the pike throwing the lure. Through wiring baits is a very old

Hillside fishery catfish are waking up

Hillside fishery has some superb catfish in it and they are starting to wake up. Tom Farrar managed this 40lb cat out of Peg 2 on Berts Pool early on Thursday morning. He was fishing with his dad who was targeting the cats with his baits and rigs while Tom was trying for the carp.

Solar Tackle Belgium team member with a nice 40lber

Wesley Lagaert's incredible spring season shows no signs of slowing down!

New lake records for Les Bruyeres Fishery

Massive congratulations to Carl Henniker earlier today he smashed the cat record by 13 lb with a 73.04lb cat and now he has just banked Les Bruyeres 3rd different 60 and our first 60+ common with Scar at a whopping 63.00lb.   Top bombing mate and well done, still two nights to go, carl and

Are you a fan of taxidermy?

Taxidermy has been practiced for as long as people can remember and some fisheries have their resident ‘celebrity’ fish stuffed when they die. Occasionally these fish come up for sale and there is a company on eBay that specializes in selling them.  The Fishermans Emporium ‘s eBay shop is here –> The shop has everything