Do Larger Baits Mean Larger Carp?

I have only just started fishing, for about two months. Is it a general rule of Bigger hook plus hookbait equals bigger fish? many Thanks, Hong, Harlow, 18

I take it you mean, do bigger hookbaits with bigger hooks single out bigger fish, in which case I’d answer yes, but.....

Yes, you do tend to catch bigger fish on bigger hookbaits, but that’s because the smaller fish can’t physically fit the bait, and hook, into their mouths. However, a big fish would still take a smaller hookbait and smaller hook.

The problem with smaller hooks are that bigger fish put more pressure on the hook so it is advisable to use a larger, heavier gauge (thickness) of hook for strength purposes.

So generally I’d say, smaller hookbait smaller hook = fish of all sizes, bigger hookbait big hook = bigger fish with a higher chance of landing it.

Tight lines,