Carp Fishing Articles

From The Privvy – Chapter Fourteen

A Bit More About Bait Although I would never suggest that the type of bait that you use is particularly important for catching carp I would, as previously written, suggest that if you are going to use any quantity of bait to make sure it is as complete as you can make it. It doesn't

Wind Problems

QUESTION: Some anglers say that carp follow the wind; others claim that wind direction makes no difference. Even those who write about carp fishing seem unable to reach agreement on this matter. Who is correct? Should I follow the wind, or not? ANSWER: Between mid-April and mid to late September, the angler who follows the

From The Privvy – Chapter Thirteen

Strange Happenings At Broadlands I have only fished Broadlands three times and to be honest I don't like it at all. It’s too crowded, too artificial and too heavily stocked with small fish for my taste, but a lot of people do seem to like it. I haven't fished it for a few years, but

Catching Big French River Carp

Why aren't more anglers going to France fishing the rivers, both the big river systems and the smaller streams?? It seems a little strange to someone like myself, who has spent an awful lot of time fishing extensively throughout France, that these areas are often ignored. I still firmly believe that the full potential of

Kitting For Distance

Occasionally we encounter situations where it is an advantage to be able to fish at distance. There are numerous reasons why this may be so - we might, for example, want to cast to the margins of a distant island, or to a far bank no-fishing sanctuary area, or to middle-of-the-lake holding spots (a common