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Short Session Bait Application/Baiting Strategies in Europe

I’ve been asked many times in the past, and talking to lots of anglers whilst fishing abroad, that many are uncertain what to do to with respect to bait application and baiting strategy to the achieve best results whilst fishing a short session on the continent. It is certainly an area that is a continually

Margin Tips

The other evening - work done for the day - I sat down for an hour's relaxation with a cup of coffee and the latest issue of a carp magazine. In one of the articles I came across the following statement, " I realise that in this day and age there aren't all that many

From The Privvy – Chapter Twelve

Quagmire Pool One of the nice things about the rota system on the Redmire winter syndicate is that you can swap rotas about or even sell your time to someone else. I am no longer a member, but one of the members who couldn't get down there phoned me and asked if I would like

The Forever Carp

"Do you think we’ll do it, Dad?" "We’ll do it, Son. The lake’s turned right on. Can’t you feel it?" "Dunno, really. I’m nervous, though. I hope I don’t mess it up. If I get a run, I mean." "You’ll be all right, mate. You know what to do and you’re miles better than I

My Introduction To Carp Fishing

Subtlety has never been a word closely associated with me, so I'll say from the start of this article that some of the items mentioned were sent to me by companies for the purpose of reviewing them. It was pure chance, though, that led to a few of them being reviewed all at once. Please