Fly Fishing Articles

Catch More Trout, Don’t Flog the Water!

How many times have you spent the day at a small stillwater fishery enjoying good sport during the morning, only to struggle during the second half of the day? More often than not this is due to trout shying away from an increasing bombardment of flies and more importantly fly lines, but this need not

The GH Flick Buzzer

It was during a hatch of Chironomids that I noticed the action in this buzzer which was quite amazing considering that it was just sat there in the surface film, "Static, Flick, Pause, Flick, Flick, Static". I tie by standard 'Decent' flies, tongue in cheek, but one that comes to life, surely not!! Here is

GH Sedge Emergers

Sedges can be encountered throughout the year in various stages of development so they have to be very high on any discerning angler’s list of necessary patterns to copy to deceive the quarry species, be it Grayling or Trout. In the upper reaches of my home river the Dee in North Wales, Sedges hatch at

The GH Bulbous Gnat

Our River "Chironomid" I regard to be the smaller cousins of the "Stillwater" variety possibly because the density of population in the acidity of the streams and rivers of North Wales is such that the minuscule food items available for them stunts the growth, whereas in the richer Stillwaters the balance of food items is

My Introduction To Fly Fishing

I landed the first fish that I'd ever hooked on a fly yesterday. No, I wasn't fishing a Scottish river or an English brook - I was at Jacklands Fish Farm in Nailsea, near Bristol. "Whaaaaaaatttt?" say the purists, "That's not fly-fishing. Trout in a puddle. Disgraceful!" Or is it? These fish fight all the