Homemade Chopstick Lures

Have you ever considered making a fishing lure from chopsticks??  We hadn’t until we saw this video on youtube, we think these look quite cool to make.  The action in the water on this video is actually surprisingly good for such a simple.  

Latest issue of Anglers Mail

ANGLER’S MAIL print magazine is a must-read this week – and it’s got a huge bream, the year’s biggest, gracing the front cover. What a fish! Read all about it inside.   This week’s issue offers 61 hot lakes for your Bank Holiday weekend. They’re picked by genuine, respected regional experts, not journalists in an

Are you a fan of taxidermy?

Taxidermy has been practiced for as long as people can remember and some fisheries have their resident ‘celebrity’ fish stuffed when they die. Occasionally these fish come up for sale and there is a company on eBay that specializes in selling them.  The Fishermans Emporium ‘s eBay shop is here –> The shop has everything

How to make your own extract

HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN EXTRACT By Anthony Wood One of the things a lot of bait makers use is extracts and herb extracts are a fantastic additive to have in your armoury.  So how do you go about making a good extract? In this article I will show you how to make a good

Phillip ‘pip’ Medhurst tells us about a request for zander

Yesterday I had the honour of giving another demonstration to members of the Derby Railway Angling Club on the Trent & Mersey canal. These taster demos give me a huge sense of personal satisfaction knowing people are going away having picked up some tips however small that will improve their own fishing. Now yesterday for