Protecting Your Rod

If you use a quiver to transport rods, instead of the high priced rod protectors, try plumber's foam lagging to protect the rod tops it is much cheaper and just as good. Barry Rod Protectors For Sale

Get A Head Torch

Head torches are invaluable for preserving your night vision and keeps your hands free. The LED ones are excellent and the batteries seem to last forever. Chris Headlamps For Sale


In the summer, I've been guilty of not drinking enough fluids when it's hot. It can impair your concentration, so take plenty of (non-alcoholic - SORRY!) drink and, like ground baiting, drink little and often. Chris

Timing Is Important

Fish such as carp often feed at the same time of day for a long time. Plan your fishing to take advantage of this. However a change in weather can often change the feeding time. Steve Burke  

Stay A Little Longer

Most anglers pack up too early. For most species the half hour either side of sunset is often better than all the other hours put together. Steve Burke