Get Organised!

If you're fishing at night - keep it simple. Get in the habit of putting everything you need in the same place whereever you go. You won't spend so much time shining your torch around if you do. Chris  

Get A Head Torch

Head torches are invaluable for preserving your night vision and keeps your hands free. The LED ones are excellent and the batteries seem to last forever. Chris Headlamps For Sale

Safety First!

Always wear a proper life-jacket when you go out in a boat. A foam buoyancy aid is not a life-jacket, just an aid to keep someone who can swim afloat in sheltered water, and only then when wearing lightweight clothing. Steve Burke    

Be Prepared!

Always carry a spare tip ring, a lighter and some hot melt glue. If you damage an intermediate ring whilst fishing you can carry on but with out a tip ring you're stuffed! Budgie    

Cheap Rod Bands!

Hair bands are good for holding made up rods together in transit. You still lose the occasional one, but they are a fraction of the price of rod /lead bands. Budgie