Miscellaneous Articles

Spark USB Rechargable Lighter

As anglers we quite often find the need to use a lighter whether it is to light a cigarette, start a camp fire or blob the line on a rig.  Traditionally we have always used gas lighters and struggled with the flame in windy conditions. This USB rechargeable lighter from Spark is made from premium

Homemade bottle cap lures

HOME MADE BOTTLE CAP LURES Bottle cap lures are not a new concept they have been used in America and other countries for many years and have caught thousands of fish.  These are now starting to make an appearance in the UK and the basic one is extremely easy to make, in the UK there

Traditional Fishing Floats by Paul Duffield

Traditional Hand Made Fishing Floats These days most fishing tackle is mass produced and imported, but just a few decades ago, it was all hand made by craftsmen. We caught up recently with Paul Duffield who is one of the few people still making hand made fishing floats in the U.K. to ask him a

Disabled angler finding it hard to fish?

The British disabled angling association was formed 21 years ago as a registered charity by former Ex HM services & England International disabled team member Terry Moseley. The creation of the charity was simply through demand for information about disabled angling from individuals, Government departments, NHS, disability organisations, fisheries etc all requesting information on how

Family Ties

How to keep the family happy and still get out on the bank!