Miscellaneous Articles

August 2000

A few days after the blank rudd trip I mentioned in my last update, I was back at the lake for another go. I tried out a few new ideas as far as rigs go, and these changes seemed to make a difference. Firstly, I reduced the lead size to quarter of an ounce and

Just A Dream

I'm starting to get used to these weird experiences now. Not quite a dream, more of an alternative reality. Everything seems to be ordinary, but not quite right. Perhaps it's the sounds, or the light. Slight imperceptible differences, but enough to make me realise that I'm having another one of those ‘funny turns'. And so

Martin James – Angling Star

There can't be many keen anglers in the North-West who haven't listened to Martin James on BBC Radio Lancashire's ‘From the Water's Edge' at some time or another.  The show has a huge catchment area and can be picked up in Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire, Cumbria, West Yorkshire and of course, Lancashire. It's broadcast on

Dipping Into The Past

I took my three sons fishing this week. Not the hook-in-mouth variety, more your sedate swish-about with net and examine the contents kind. It was the boys' first exploration of a large body of water without a tiled surround. They were excited and so was I. I recall being damp and smelly throughout my entire

Leon's Hook Tube

I've always tied my own hooks. That way, I know exactly the quality and attributes of the hooklength. Pre-tying hooks means less fumbling around at the bankside, especially when my tiny fingers are frozen. The problem then has been keeping the pre-tied hooks tidy, and the hooklength unkinked. I started by wrapping the lengths around