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River Fisherman on Lake Fryken

By Scott Cameron - September 2008

Cheap DIY Bait Boat

Angling Technology On A Budget!

Fishing in Las Vegas and San Francisco

Fishing Las Vegas Style! I can't resist fitting in a day or two of fishing into my annual holidays if I can help it but when this years destination was Las Vegas I thought I would be losing out. I didn't know much about the area but I did know that Las Vegas was in

Viking Triumphs and Tribulations

Article kindly submitted by Jon Morris. Many thanks, Jon, for sharing this with us. AnglersNet.co.ukThe location; Holstebro, N.W. Jutland, Denmark in Northern Europe, a market town established around 1100ad. during a time of great cultural development in Europe.The time; Second World War, 1941, after the Nazi invasion. Being truly Aryan, the Danes were not a


Defra today (21 May 2007) published new measures designed to combat the introduction and spread of Koi Herpesvirus (KHV)  Disease and to improve the health and welfare standards of fish. On 6 April 2007 it became a legal obligation to notify suspected KHV Disease in England and Wales. Organisations participating in the Fish Welfare Group