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Who Needs Bait? Funny Video Clip

You don't always need the latest tackle to catch fish..... You don't even need the greatest bait..... In fact, sometimes you don't need any tackle or bait at all, as you'll see in this clip! If you enjoyed this clip, please pass this page on to your friends using the 'Email to a friend' link

Who Wants To Be A TV Presenter? Funny Video Clip

Matt Hayes he isn't! This little gem is probably one of the most watched fishing video clips on the internet. We thought it was staged at first, but it appears to all be genuine. Would you like this guy as your fishing buddy?! If you enjoyed this clip, please pass it around by using the 'Email

A Warning To Kayak Users!

With the rise in popularity of kayak fishing in the UK, we've seen some pretty crazy photos on our Kayak Fishing forums. Kayak anglers with tope and congers spring to mind! We've often thought that these guys must be mad.......and we stick by that theory. However, here's one 'yaker who must have got a REAL

So you think it is easy?

I often get told how lucky I am to own a tackle shop, turning a hobby into a business, etc. So I thought I would give you a small insight as to what go's on behind the scenes. Depending on the day depends on the time I have to be at the shop, if a

Romance? Or Realism?

Smitten! Having spoken to many fishing widows, it appears that it's common knowledge that there isn't a lot of romance in anglers' relationships. The average angler's idea of gallantry is to remove his waders and socks before getting into bed and there are those who keep them on, waders and all, so I've heard. It's