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Hooks Make the Difference

The last article closed with a promise of exploring the different types of hooks I use on Lake Michigan and the techniques I use to sharpen them.  This is a somewhat controversial issue for most fishermen.  Everyone has an opinion I can only state what works for me.  One thing I believe all will agree

May and June Presentation Tips

In previous articles we covered general overview and the specifics of temperature breaks and their location.  Now let's continue with spring presentation and location.  If your season starts early as we do at Blue Max Charters, you will be on Lake Michigan when the surface temperatures are below the preferred temp of your target species. 

Fishing Lake Michigan Milwaukee Lure Presentation

The last several articles we covered some options for spring presentation with a focus on temperature, planer boards, lines, terminal tackle and lure selection.  If you would be interested in this information, click here.  Let's continue with lure selection, colors, boat speed, and lure action for spring.  The cold water slows down the metabolism of

Great Lakes Lure Set Ups

The last article was a general discussion of spring presentation with a focus on planer boards, lines and terminal tackle.  This was good information for a starting point but you will need more information to produce every trip out.  In the next several articles I would like to help you define when to use spoons,

Temperature Is key

Fishing Charters Milwaukee Lake Michigan In the last article, we started with the Importance of location, tackle, temperature and good record keeping.  I also covered some of my key ways to find fish in early spring on Lake Michigan and the hot set ups to keep the rods dancing.  Let us now go into more detail