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Spring Fishing Presentation

Lake Michigan MilwaukeeBy Capt. Jim Hirt In articles one and two, we covered general overview and the specifics of temperature breaks and their location.  Now let us start on spring presentation.   If your season starts early as we do at Blue Max Charters, you will be on Lake Michigan when the surface temperatures are below

Charter Fishing: Milwaukee Spring Salmon And Trout

The start of the 2006 Lake Michigan Season is right around the corner and now is the time to think about early location and tackle. In this article, I would like to share with you some of my keys to finding fish and the hottest set ups for very early presentation.  I have been a

Catfish Capers: Ebro Catfishing At Caspe

A surprise return trip to the River Ebro for my dad had been in the pipeline for a few months since my return from a work experience trip in the summer. All was well until just 48 hours before our departure at Liverpool; we had our trip cancelled by the company, which meant that the

Abba, Volvo and big Perch! That’s Sweden in a nutshell…

by Jan Ohlsson Abba, Volvo and big Perch! That’s Sweden in a nutshell... Well maybe a small understatement, but for me and some of my companions the bit about the perch is true. What a lovely fish the perch is, available for our keen interest all year: winter, summer, spring and autumn. As a bonus,

Catfishing Novice Goes To Spain

The idea of travelling to far off places for different fish and new fishing experiences has really captured my imagination. Through reading angling articles, the internet and watching fishing programmes I identified three or four angling challenges I would like to pursue. I’ve just been lucky enough to fulfil one of those by travelling to