Overseas Articles

Jarbu Jamboree

You may remember that the last time I wrote in these pages I told you that I was heading off to Australia in November 2001.  This trip was primarily to visit one of my best friends his wife and two son's, one of which is my godson, who live in Melbourne. My friend emigrated to

Zambezi Safari

For regular visitors to this site, you may have seen my article on Nile Perch fishing in Lake Victoria Uganda last year. This time I wanted a mix of Fishing & Game Viewing, and I needed to travel in April as I will be on another trip to Australia later in the year so I

Fishing Among Freedom Fighters

By Kevin Ashness After the problems I had last time fished the rivers of far western Nepal, this time I chose to return for a five-week expedition starting 23 February. Leaving early Friday morning for Heathrow lucky to avoid the lorries been blown over due to 60/70 M.P.H. winds. My mind now was on what

Uganda Nile Perch Adventure March 2000

I have always enjoyed travelling as well as angling, and in recent years have tried to combine the two. I have fished in Northern Australia three or four times mainly for Barramundi, Giant Trevally, Mangrove Jack and Queenfish with some success, also in the Tasmanian High-lands for Trout with less success!. A couple of year's

NC Paylake Trip Report

I had a chance yesterday to visit a NC Carp Paylake and watch Gary Shears and son Josh compete. Interesting trip. Interesting lake. Since none of the UK/SA/Euro folks have ever seen a Carp Paylake and many US folks haven't either, thought I'd give a report of yesterday's activities and some detail. Gary estimates there