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Fishzone charter fulfils Sailfish dreams!

Dad Alastair and son Fraser together with Dad Chris and sons Chris jr and Nick from the UK booked a one day charter on 13th April 2006 at Kuala Rompin to land a Sailfish. The first strike after filling up the bait tanks came at 10:50am and saw Nick take the rod. After a nice

The Joys Of Light Tackle

By: Rob Scott • Tourette Fishing My earliest and what will always remain some of my fondest memories were exploring the gullies of the Pondoland coast. I would set out with an arsenal of 2 dogs, minimal tackle and my trusty bass rod. My quarry was always the same, the “ignobilis of my childhood”, the

Too Much Tackle

In the previous article we covered lure speed as it relates to fish species.  Correct speed along with good presentation in the temp location the target prefers will put fish in the cooler.  Let's talk about presentation.  My latest fish report talks about long leads on the downrigger.  How long is long enough?  Early in

Fall Salmon Habits

In a previous article we covered lure presentation on clear days.  Now let us switch gears and discuss location and presentation for Salmon in the last several months of their life.  I will just group them together and call them spawners.  For the fisherman in our area this includes Coho and Chinook.  On or about

Downriggers 101

Now is the time to think about changes to make you more productive next season.  There are many ways to go on this subject.  Over the next several articles I will try to cover topics like rigging, tackle and presentation.  My goal is to provide information, which should lead to more fish and less slow