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Lure Speed By Species

In previous articles we covered my three most productive lures for July and August.  I will give a quick recap for those who missed the last issue.  My first choice is an 8-inch Luhr Jensen flasher green with silver and glow tape with a green fly.  The length of the leader from the flasher to

Hot Lures For Salmon

In previous articles we covered where to start if you have not been out for awhile. In this article I would like to help you with what lures to buy at the tackle store for a typical July or August trip on Lake Michigan. This is a very difficult question. Where I cannot possibly go

Couta Code

Techniques to consider when targeting couta off fishing skis Sun Rise off Inhaca Island Its 5 am, just aft backline, you have your first batch of ‘livies' in the live well securely tied to the ski.  The African sun is beginning to creep over the horizon. The live bait on the end of our line

Fishing Adventures along the Xingu River – Pará, Brazil

As we shoved off from the dock at the foot of the boathouse ramp, and glided into the lifting veil of morning mist enshrouding the forest primeval, a pair of squawking, vividly painted red and blue macaws took flight - flapping eastward to greet the swelling dawn light. With a pull of the starter cord,

Southern Africa – Species Spectacular

Variety is often referred to as the spice of life. If the same holds true for angling, which I am of the firm belief it does, southern Africa has definitely been blessed with a fare sprinkling of Robertson's!  There are many, world class, informative books on the market dealing, in depth, with all aspects of