Sea Fishing Articles

Kent Mullet Fishing; The River Medway 1998/9

Article by Rob Ness 98 Season Following a five-year "experiment"of fishing the river Medway for carp, and having achieved a progression of ambitions from initially catching a river carp, to eventually catching fish to over 25lbs, I began to look for a fresh fishing challenge within the Kent area. Having previously lived in Christchurch and

A Weighty Problem

When I was at the height of fishing widowhood and living with a houseful of anglers there were times when their strange habits encroached upon my sanity to a marked degree. Looking back on it now I wonder how on earth I managed to survive. In between looking after the family, cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing

Busman's Holidays

The Chief Angler is off for yet another week’s fishing next month – Guernsey, this time, shark hunting. Don’t get me wrong, I have no beef with him going away without me – in fact it’s like a holiday for me when he does. For a whole seven days I can do exactly as I

Mullet Fishing – Beginner's Luck

I’d like to stress that I know next to nothing about mullet and the following is simply an account of my first few trips. Despite being best known as a coarse angler I am in fact I’m an all-rounder, although perch are my speciality and my favourite fish. So why fish for mullet? Well the

Terminal Boredom

"I'm enjoying this, honest, I am!"Sometimes the fishing aboard charter boats is so slow that terminal boredom can set in with startling rapidity. Captive anglers become restless after a surprisingly short time, partly because they know there's no turning back and by the time they find out that the day is going to be