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How To Cut & Prepare Cuttlefish For Bait

Every now and then, the AnglersNet forums throw up a real gem of a post. The sort of post that it seems a shame to let drift into the ether. The following guide to cutting cuttlefish for use as bait by Dave Jenkins is such a post. Thanks to Dave, a.k.a. stoaty, for allowing us

Thieving Anglers

I always have the most dreadful time keeping hold of freshly cooked, in advance, food as it cools off in readiness for the freezer. My family have squirrel tendencies and, when I'm in cooking mode, seem to develop a compulsion to walk in and out of the kitchen, filching the odd morsel on the way

Gull-ible Sharks

In amongst the multitude of photos taken during the Irish holiday was this one of Gulliver looking as if he has just emerged from a full cycle, heavy soil, fast spin session in a washing machine. Not too far from the truth, as it turns out. David, eldest son, told me about it. Gulliver!They had

Get Fresh!

It is always worth getting bait as fresh as you can when cod fishing. If possible, get it directly from the diggers (or do it yourself) even if you have to pay a little extra. It will be worth it when you have a 20lb cod in your hands. Fishaholic  

Fishing For Flatties

When fishing for flatties on a clean bottom using a weight that slowly rolls the tackle kicking up the sand often gets more bites than a static bait. Steve Burke