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Memories Of Tope

Tope, big tope, really big tope are far easier to catch than is generally supposed, and finding them is the hard bit. Twenty years ago, quite by chance, I discovered that big tope had a weakness for the humble eel. An angler on my charter boat reeled in to re-bait and found a hermit crab

Return That Fish?

Often the subject comes up as to whether sea anglers should keep the fish they catch or return them alive and the ensuing debate can become quite heated so what lies behind this argument that is fundamental to Recreational Sea Angling? Legally, once anyone catches a fish, by whatever method, that has been legally taken

The Dogs Of War

The conditions were perfect, a light southeasterly wind had been forecast and low water was around 09.50. My fishing partner for the day was my good friend and carp ace Mathew Lee. Mat, like my self, has been angling all his life, but where as I have concentrated on sea angling; most of Mats time

Using a Bread Bag for Mullet

Using a Bread Bag for Mullet – Science, Art or Philosophy? An experienced eye can pick an expert mullet angler out from quite a distance. Usually fishing apart from other anglers and fishing in a totally different way. The real evidence is the landing net and the long thin rod. Other signs might include the

Mullet – Frequently Asked Questions

(Responses prepared by Leon Roskilly • last Updated April 2003) What tackle do I need to catch mullet? Coarse anglers will be at an advantage tackle wise. For basic mullet fishing you will need: · A coarse match rod, suitable for tench/chub/small carp * · 6lb Line · strong hooks, around size 8/10, preferably short-shanked