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Mullet – More Frequently Asked Questions

Continued from I’ve seen plenty of mullet feeding from a sewer-pipe, is that a good place to catch them? Yes, if you’ve got a strong stomach and are willing to take the risk of catching something nasty! If the sight of all those feeding mullet is too irresistible for you, please remember that you

Pier Fishing

More and more seaside councils are seeing the economic benefit and tourist pulling power that piers have. The derelict and decaying Victorian structures are being looked at in new light and being refurbished to their former glory to swell the ranks of existing piers. This is good news for sea anglers, for piers are not


LOCAL NAMESSalmon-bass in Wales, sea salmon in Cornwall. Bass under 2lbs are called "school bass", south coast and English Channel e referred to as "checkers". IDENTIFICATIONCarries two dorsal fins, the first with 8 or 9 sharp spines evident. A streamlined body shape with large scales. Also sharp spines on the rear of the gill cover

Mullet Fight

Fancy a Fight? '6lb bs mainline, size 8 hook, tied to a 4lb hooklength, baited with breadflake and fished beneath a small waggler. The tackle balanced by a match rod suitable for tench, chub or small carp. Expect fish in the 2 - 4lb range, maybe bigger, they fight hard'. Hmmm! With plenty of experience

Mullet – The Basics

Frustrating isn't it? Large grey mullet appear, swimming in a tight weaving shoal, sometimes splitting the water with their weals, then drifting back into the depths like tantalising grey ghosts. Talk to most sea anglers and they will tell you that mullet can't be caught, they don't take baits, and their lips are too soft