Sea Fishing Articles

Mullet – The Basics

Frustrating isn't it? Large grey mullet appear, swimming in a tight weaving shoal, sometimes splitting the water with their weals, then drifting back into the depths like tantalising grey ghosts. Talk to most sea anglers and they will tell you that mullet can't be caught, they don't take baits, and their lips are too soft

Exmouth Days

My clock/radio alarm woke me just as the 6.00am news was starting, but I had no interest in that, my mind was on other things. I wanted to hear the weather forecast and so, in the mean time, I looked at the tent walls and was pleased to se that there was no movement in

Leviathans From The Deep

(Common Skate) (Dipturus Batis) Vleet By Alan Taylor My introduction into Skate fishing and the tagging of these monsters was all thanks to a topic on a UK angling web site. I followed the topic over a few days and found myself getting more and more interested; lets face it, when someone says “it was

Underarm Cast

Pier fishing is a great spectator sport. Gives me a laugh, anyway. The matches on Southend pier are fraught with incident mainly because it is mandatory to perform an underarm cast, rather than the more usual 'wallop it overhead' stylie. There are, more often than not and especially in decent weather, punters walking the mile


By Chris Douglas; So how do we know that the winter is setting in ? Well apart from the lack of sun and the nights getting longer it is the arrival of the Whiting, these are the start of the winter season for most anglers. The summer is slow with very few fish being landed