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Attracta Lead Free Sinkers

When using lures, we often select by colour. Carp anglers often favour brightly coloured boilies. Indeed, general coarse anglers have been using brightly coloured maggots for years. So, why is it then that we insist that all the rest of our tackle is as camouflaged as possible? I'm not going to answer that question, but

The GFM Carp Bite Alarm

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Fox Micron MX

After 8 years of sterling (and not so sterling service, that’s another story) my expensive pair of buzzers decided it was time to pack in. Faced with the prospect of having to replace both buzzers at the same time, and perhaps purchase a third one, I was faced with an interesting dilemma. Should I purchase

My Introduction To Carp Fishing

Subtlety has never been a word closely associated with me, so I'll say from the start of this article that some of the items mentioned were sent to me by companies for the purpose of reviewing them. It was pure chance, though, that led to a few of them being reviewed all at once. Please

My Introduction To Fly Fishing

I landed the first fish that I'd ever hooked on a fly yesterday. No, I wasn't fishing a Scottish river or an English brook - I was at Jacklands Fish Farm in Nailsea, near Bristol. "Whaaaaaaatttt?" say the purists, "That's not fly-fishing. Trout in a puddle. Disgraceful!" Or is it? These fish fight all the