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How to fish the Texas Rig

Do you keep hearing about the texas rig?  Ever wondered what it is and how to use it? This great video aimed at beginners shows you in an understandable way how to tie and use this versatile rig that is becoming popular in the UK and is already an established way to fish in the

Traditional Fishing Floats by Paul Duffield

Traditional Hand Made Fishing Floats These days most fishing tackle is mass produced and imported, but just a few decades ago, it was all hand made by craftsmen. We caught up recently with Paul Duffield who is one of the few people still making hand made fishing floats in the U.K. to ask him a

Anglers Paradise Fishing Complex

Fishing Holidays and much more! Looking for luxury, fishing and fun for the whole family? You've come to the RIGHT place! Imagine your perfect holiday ... an Anglers Paradise of wonderful lakes, plenty of large and small fish, undisturbed and utterly peaceful fishing in beautiful surroundings, the finest accommodation, friendly and relaxing after fishing activities

Need some tuition on carp fishing?

Ok, so here’s the thing. For quite some time I’ve had lots of people ask me whether I had any plans to take on angling tuition but not wanting to look like I was just another angler that decided to jump on the band wagon, I had decided not too. However, with the ongoing questioning

Making your own boilies is easier than you think

Have you ever wanted to make your own boilies but been unsure where to begin?  There are lots of specialist bait making ingredients out there from several different companies and yes, you can make a bait that is healthier for the fish, lets the fish digest the goodies easier, makes the fish want to eat