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Harrison Gti Float Rod

When it comes to float rods I know I must sound like a broken record! Every time there's a question on the AnglersNet Coarse Fishing Forum asking for recommendations for a good float rod – I wade in with a plug for the Harrison 15' GTi (Hollow Tip). I've used one of these rods for

The Anglers' Net Centrepin Reel

I suppose I could be described as something of a ‘Tackle Tart’ when it comes to Centre Pin reels. And whilst I own 2 or 3 ‘production’ reels (my favourite being a Young’s Purist) I’m a real sucker for the hand built reel. I have a couple of Paul Witcher’s finest, a Chris Lythe and

The Gigantic Book of Fishing Stories

The Gigantic Book of Fishing StoriesEdited and Introduced by Nick Lyons, Foreword by David Halberstam OK, I admit I'm a bit of a 'sucker' for angling anthologies - in fact I've just counted up the number of such volumes in my modest angling library and realise I already have 10 such books, not counting this

Angling Vagabond – A Glorious Boyhood

By Dave Park

A Can of Worms

The Story Of Barbel And The Men Who Fished For ThemBy Jon Berry There can be few books which can be said to be the first AND last ‘word’ on their chosen subject yet this is exactly how I’d describe A Can of Worms. Jon Berry has turned to all his skills as a History