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A Dream of Jewelled Fishes

Reflections on Angling John Aston I must admit to being somewhat sceptical when I first heard of this book earlier in the year. Is there room for another book of angling reminiscences I thought? I even considered the title slightly pompous and it was with something of a jaundiced eye that I started to read

Somewhere Else & The Accidental Angler – Charles Rangeley-Wilson

It was a minor cause for celebration amongst anglers when BBC2 showed The Accidental Angler last autumn. Yes, a fishing programme on terrestrial TV - and a pretty good one too! The series followed the Angler-cum-Travel Writer Charles Rangeley-Wilson as he took in such places as Bhutan for the trout fishing, Mahseer fishing in India

Death, Taxes and Leaky Waders – John Gierach

I’ve seen this booked described in numerous ways - ‘best of’ and ‘treasury’ being two of the most common. I would like to had ‘Primer’ to that list as, if you’ve never read any Gierach, this is the place to start. John Geirach has few peers as an angling writer, on either side of the

Under the Weather – Tom Fort

I suppose like many other anglers I have a keen interest in things Meteorological and it’s probably no surprise that a book about the history of the science should be written by an angler. Tom Fort is best known to the angling community for his contributions in Waterlog as well as his books, The Far

Hooked! Fishing Memories by George Melly

“Reading what I’ve written to date I’ll now make a promise. But for exceptional circumstances I will no longer describe in any detail the hooking and landing of a fish. No more ‘tight lines’ or ‘screaming reels’ - take them as read.” The above paragraph appears on page 24 of George Melly’s autobiographical tome and