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Modern Lure Fishing by Barrie Rickards

I was lucky enough to find this book under the Christmas tree last year.  Heaven knows how my wife managed to get a copy so quickly, as it had only been published a week or so earlier! Barrie’s latest offering features a foreword by John Wilson and drawings by Rebecca Lyne.  The book follows the

Passion For Pike

Passion For PikeThe challenge and mystery of fly-fishing for pikeAd Swier I have waited a long time for Ad Swier to complete his book and I consider the wait to have been well worthwhile. I have known of Ad Swier since his appearance at the Pike Angler’s Conference, as it was then known, in 1995.

In Search Of The Nile Perch

I have just received a copy of a new Video from Video Active which is of particular interest to me, as I had hoped to go on this trip. Unfortunately I had knee problems that required urgent surgery and I was therefore unable to go along. In Search of The Nile Perch is presented by