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The Pike In The Bun

Lure-fishing wise it had been a frustrating morning. Despite walking the banks of the Medway from the lock at the Teston picnic-site to Down-stream of the bridge at Barming, and most of the way back again, I had not had a single take, but some days are like that (for me a lot of days

Make A Splash

From the outset I have to admit, I love lure fishing. I love making my own lures and working them. When walking the riverbanks, on idyllic summer days, nothing gives me greater pleasure than casting a lure to the far bank, watching the braid arcing out into the sunlit breeze, then stopping the line to

Mullet – Frequently Asked Questions

(Responses prepared by Leon Roskilly • last Updated April 2003) What tackle do I need to catch mullet? Coarse anglers will be at an advantage tackle wise. For basic mullet fishing you will need: · A coarse match rod, suitable for tench/chub/small carp * · 6lb Line · strong hooks, around size 8/10, preferably short-shanked

Mullet – More Frequently Asked Questions

Continued from I’ve seen plenty of mullet feeding from a sewer-pipe, is that a good place to catch them? Yes, if you’ve got a strong stomach and are willing to take the risk of catching something nasty! If the sight of all those feeding mullet is too irresistible for you, please remember that you

Mullet Fight

Fancy a Fight? '6lb bs mainline, size 8 hook, tied to a 4lb hooklength, baited with breadflake and fished beneath a small waggler. The tackle balanced by a match rod suitable for tench, chub or small carp. Expect fish in the 2 - 4lb range, maybe bigger, they fight hard'. Hmmm! With plenty of experience