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Mullet – The Basics

Frustrating isn't it? Large grey mullet appear, swimming in a tight weaving shoal, sometimes splitting the water with their weals, then drifting back into the depths like tantalising grey ghosts. Talk to most sea anglers and they will tell you that mullet can't be caught, they don't take baits, and their lips are too soft


She rests gently in my hands. Gills flaring slightly as I hold her head into the tide. Recovering from the indignity of being measured, weighed and photographed in the arms of a grinning land creature. Her fins, stroking the water, and her tail waving slowly, she is ready to go, but doesn't. Perhaps she appreciates

Fishing Weather – A Summer's Day

In October 2000, Steve Randles started a new thread on the Anglers' Net forum when he asked: ‘Why is it that at dusk, the wind drops and lakes end up calm like mirrors?' My reply revealed considerable interest in the explanation for the familiar everyday weather related phenomena that affect us as anglers, and I

Young John Kilpatrick

Young John Kilpatrick trudged across the morning damp sand with a heavy mind.As he walked down the slope of the beach, past a high tide mark, strewn with debris and flotsam, he took a moment to read the story of the sea. Dried bladderwrack, torn from its anchorage by a fierce sea, the discarded shell

The Case For Pike

Pike have lived in our waters for millions of years, largely unchanged. They can be found in river systems, lakes and even small ponds. In many cases, the same population of pike has probably occupied the same enclosed area of water, almost ever since that water has been there. Perhaps for many thousands of years,