Carp Fishing Combo For Under £15

“Carp fishing is an expensive game...” - that's what we're constantly told, but it doesn't have to be, especially if you're fishing fairly run-of-the-mill waters that don't contain absolute monsters!

Fishtec have been selling Hardwear Gear for some time now and one can only assume that the quality must be okay, as the range they stock seems to keep growing. As a mail order business, the last thing they'd want to sell is something that needs to be returned, as that seriously cuts into the profit. I used to run a mail-order company, so that much I do know!

This little combo looks ideal for somebody starting out – even if you just use it a few times to see if carp fishing is for you, the £14.99 price tag isn't going to break the bank!

Carp Fishing Combo

Here's what the Fishtec website says about this Carp Rod And Reel Combo:

  • Exciting carp rod and reel combination is perfect for tackling carp of all sizes
  • Rod has a powerful and robust action rated with a 2.5lb test curve
  • Perfect for catching large carp
  • Reel gives a powerful cranking action, to subdue any carp you hook

Take a look – you may be pleasantly surprised at what you get for just £14.99! CLICK HERE for more information.