Is This The Cheapest Bait Boat Money Can Buy?

If you're in the market for a very cheap bait boat for your carp fishing or pike fishing and don't fancy making your own, then there may well be only one option available to you – the Jabo Bait Boat.

The Jabo Radio Controlled Fishing Bait Boat is probably the cheapest commercially made bait boat on the market, coming in at under £120 for the standard model. That's the brand new price, not second hand!

According to the manufacturer, the Jabo bait boat is made from strong plastic and is completely sealed to ensure no water can get inside, even if it turns over. If you're using it in very wavy conditions and the boat did capsize, it is designed to turn itself the right way up again. Another great feature of this boat is that the propellers are actually on the inside and protected. This means that even if using in weedy water the boat will never get tangled up.

Other features include a fish attracting underwater lamp and a rig dropper so your hook can be dropped exactly where you want it.

The Jabo comes in two different versions with the upgraded version featuring a builtin high spec fish finder. This comes with an LCD transmitter instead of the standard one that displays lots of information sent back from the boat. As well as the main fish finder function, the LCD also displays water temperature, water depth, fish depth and battery life.

Jabo Bait BoatSpecifications:
Length : 675mm
Width : 200mm
Height : 210mm
Weight: 4.25 Kg's
Battery: 12v/4.3Ah Sealed Storage
Sailing Time: 2 hours +
Speed: 1 meter / second
Range: 300m
Hopper Load: 500gs
Motors: 2 x 540

Strong Plastic Construction
Hermetic Gum Rings Ensure Boat Is Totally Water Proof
Kent ledge Inside Cabin Keeps Boat Upright Even In Stormy Waves
Built In Propeller So Can Sail In Weedy Water Etc Without Getting Stuck
Three Range Lights For Night Sailing
3w Fish Attracting Lamp
Hook Dropping Function
High Capacity Battery

Extra Features Of B Version:
Water Depth Display to 30m
Nice LCD Transmitter
Fish Depth Display
Water Temperature Display
Battery Voltage Display
Sensitivity Adjustable

We haven't had a play with the Jabo Bait Boat ourselves yet, but it's got to be worth a try at just £120!

Where To Buy The Jabo Bait Boat

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Jabo Bait Boat

Jabo Bait Boat