Jag SP Hook Sharpening Stones

Let’s face it, decent carp hooks aren’t getting any cheaper, but it’s the one area you can’t really afford to scrimp on, so it can be extremely frustrating every time you blunt one on the retrieve or worse still take one blunted from the pack… Arghhh!!

Jag SP Hook Sharpening StonesAt this point (if you’ll excuse the pun) most people just bin the hook, which can prove extremely costly, so a great option is to get yourself a quality hook sharpener and make your hooks go the distance. An ultra sharp hook is one of the biggest edges in modern specimen angling. It takes practice to sharpen hooks to perfection, but the biggest hurdle angler’s face is inadequate tools for the job.

This is why JAG Products have developed the SP (surgical point) Stones in 2 different grades. Used in conjunction with JAG’s Ultra Eye, hook points can be sharpened to a level far superior to any hook straight from the pack. The sharpeners are available in medium grade - ideal abrasive for general sharpening and fine grade - perfect abrasive for smaller hooks or final honing.

So, if you’re fed up of throwing hooks and rigs away because they are blunt, save yourself a fortune and bag yourself a hook sharpener from JAG. Not only will it make your terminal tackle go a lot further, but you’ll soon find yourself touching up rigs on the bank which can only aid their effectiveness and thus reduce the chances of those pesky fish getting away with it!

Detail: Jag SP Hook Sharpening Stones

Price at time of publishing: £9.99

Available from: Fishtec - CLICK HERE for more details