Okuma Trent Centrepin Reel

Have a search around the internet and you'll probably only find good things said about Okuma centrepin reels. It seems that however hard people try to find fault, they just can't!

I recently spotted an advertisement for the Okuma Trent centrepins for sale at a very cheap price and wondered if any of the tackle shops we're affiliated to was selling them. Bingo! Trev's are doing them at half price!

Okuma Trent Centrepin ReelBy buying this reel from Trev's, not only do you know that you're getting it from a bona fide online trader, but also that you'll be helping to keep Anglers' Net going, as they pay as a small commission for every sale. So, Trev's are happy because they get a sale, Anglers' Net can pay the website hosting bills and you get a reel at half price – everyone's a winner!

Chances are, you've probably already researched the Okuma Trent centrepin, but here are the main features, just to remind you:

- 4.5” diameter.
- 2 German Stainless bearings.
- One piece machine cut frame and spool.
- 1002 model with 2 stainless steel ball bearings.
- On/off rachet.
- Includes star drag
- Perfect for specimen fishing.
- Neoprene reel pouch included.

Click here to see the current selling price at Trevs Tackle. At the time of writing, it was just £99.99.

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