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TFG 'Brute' 6ft Jerk Bait Rod 50-150gms – HALF PRICE – One Week Only

Matt Hayes isn't one of these celebrities who puts his name to any old tat. Quite the opposite. Total Fishing Gear (TFG) IS Matt Hayes and he knows that his reputation rides on every single item sold under that name. That's why he develops the best tackle for the job and gets it to market

Amazon – Your Saviour This Christmas!

If you haven't visited Amazon for a while, you may well be very surprised at just how big their store is these days....I know  was! And the beauty is that you can now browse Amazon from the comfort of Anglers' Net - click here to see what I mean. From Book to bread makers, DVD's to

Cortland CX Spinning Rods – HALF PRICE – One Week Offer

BE QUICK.....THE GUYS AT TACKLE BARGAINS MAY BE GENEROUS, BUT THEY'RE NOT MAD. THIS IS A ONE WEEK OFFER ONLY AND IS FLYING OUT OF THE DOOR! These Cortland 4-piece spinning rods are superb rods and are especially suited to travelling anglers. Keep one in the boot of a car....you just never know when you

HeatMax Hand & Foot Warmers

Don't Get Left Out In The Cold As I sit here in a warm office, the tail end of November is starting to let the UK know that winter is about to hit. Today was actually quite sunny, and even reasonably warm later in the day, but it was very cold this morning and will

Airflo Braided Tapered Trout Leaders – Save 40% at Tacklebargains!

Airflo Tapered braided leaders provide great transition of energy from fly line to tippet resulting in a perfect turnover. The extremely light floating and intermediate models allow gentle presentation and the choice of five additional colour coded sinking densities opens up a new world of techniques not possible with traditional tapered leaders. Recomended for lines