Special Offers

500 Yards Of Braided Dacron For Just £14.95

If you’re looking for a cheap dacron braid, then your search ends here! This Climax Soft & Strong is an extremely supple sinking braid that was designed for a foreign market, with trolling in mind. However, the fact that it’s so pliable, is a fantastic colour and is just so cheap means that many people

13ft Prologic Feeder Rod – 60% Off!

Now and then, a bargain appears that is just unbelievable. This is one of them! The 13ft Prologic feeder rods were designed to be the best in the UK and, judging by many reviews, they’re certainly up there! One thing that many people were amazed by was the low £119.99 price tag. How could they

Cheap Hooks

Good quality hooks don’t usually come cheap, but I’ll let you into a little secret…. some people manage to get their fishing hooks for free! How? Well, it’s quite simple, really. They buy them in bulk, taking advantage of the discounts available when doing so, and then sell some on to friends or via eBay!

Summer is Coming!

Ahhh… light nights spent lying around on grassy banks with out a thermal jacket in sight! Summer is on its way! No better time then to break out the floater gear and get catching off the top!Many anglers like to use controller floats for surface fishing but a growing number are switching to bubble floats

Fancy a brew?

To say I like a brew on the bank might be a little bit of an understatement. OK, a massive understatement, but there's just something so relaxing about sitting on your swim, brew in hand, waiting for a rod to scream off. It's amazing just how often it actually happens; a fish picking up your