TF GEAR Polarized Glasses Bullet

Polarised glasses are probably one of the most important pieces of tackle you could own. There’s no point trying to bank specimens of any species if you can’t see them!

These new Bullet TFGEAR Polarized Glasses will cut out the glare and allow you to see well beneath the surface of the water in order to spot the fish before they spot you!

The preferred lens for all-round conditions is the sandstone whilst the smoke lens is beneficial in brighter conditions. Superb optical quality at unbelievable prices.

TF GEAR Polarized Glasses BulletFeatures
 - Lightweight
 - Robust and durable
 - Wrap around design

There’s no need to spend a fortune on polarised glasses, but they are essential for specimen angling – no matter what species you are looking to target. These new Bullet glasses from TF Gear offer a robust wrap around design that will stay in place when you’re up trees roaming river banks or crawling through bushes – just the job.

Available from: Fishtec

Price: £14.99 at the time of publishing. RRP: £24.99 (Save £10.00)