Win £50 Worth Of Carp Bait

However much money you have, buying carp bait always hurts. True, you're hoping to convert it into loads and loads carp in your net, but deep down you know that you are going to end up throwing it all in a lake.

We can help take some of the pain away with this Carp Vader carp bait competition. It's simple; just answer two question correctly and we'll choose a winner. That winner will be sent £50 worth of Carp Vader products. Not bad for a minute's work!

Carp VaderCarp Vader supply a range of attractive baits under the following categories:
Polar Ice Sinking Feed Pellet
Liquid Additives
Expander Pellets
White Hook Pellets
Sinking Feed Pellets
Jelly Hook Pellets
Extra Thick Additives
PVA Friendly Additives

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To enter the FREE competition, please click here, where you'll also find links to all of the Anglers' Net competitions.

Good luck!