600lb Marlin Lands In A Boat – Video






Anglers' Net


Reversing a boat in a choppy sea is hairy at the best of times and requires a great deal of skill and judgement by the skipper. Throw a 600lb angry black marlin on the end of the line into the mix and you have quite a frantic atmosphere. Probably more frantic than most anglers will ever encounter.

However, it can get even hairier when the fish decides to join in, as you'll see from the clip below!

Apparently, these guys escaped relatively unharmed and the fish was safely released. The 'action' only lasts a few seconds, but is caught on four different cameras and, to be honest, padded out a bit to make the clip last longer, it seems!

However, well worth a quick 'PLAY', especially if high octane fishing floats your boat! Enjoy.

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