Delkim Plus

Hooked Tackle & Bait have supported Anglers' Net right from the start, so it's always nice to bring some of their offers to your attention. The Delkim Plus will need no introduction to the carp fishing world, as this has got to be the most feature-packed bite alarm there is! At the time of writing,

Bass Artwork by Dave Miller

If you’re a lover of bass fishing, then you will love the artwork of David Miller. It’s rare to see any good artwork of UK bass, so the fact that these masterpieces are just so good is a real bonus!   Personally, I have some carp artwork by the same artist and they really are

SmartBait Fish Oils

Equally at home in sea or coarse fishing environments, these oils from UK Fishing Tackle will be a welcome addition to anybody's fishing tackle. The text below is taken direct from their site: "These oils are of the highest quality, un-refined and pure. All oils come in 150ml bottles. Use as a bait soak/dip for


Every once in a while, carp fishing throws up a little gem that non-carp anglers simply don't understand. What's the betting that the Fox Limited Edition MX Realtree Alarm is one of them?!! These are a limited edition available only to selected Fox dealers and once sold thats all folks! All the features of the

Fladen Carp Rod & Tackle Bag

With a massive 60% off the retail price, and a specification to match any rival, the Expert Carp Rod and Tackle Bag by Fladen of Sweden is bound to be a hit with carp and coarse anglers the world over. A top specification fully padded and stiffened Carp Rod and Tackle bag from Fladen of