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hemp 'n tares 1.7.16

Posted by The Flying Tench , 01 July 2016 · 0 views

On the web you can find stories of amazing roach sessions with hemp and tares four or five years ago on the Thames near Oxford. I tried a few times last summer with limited success, but thought I'd have another go on a different stretch. I fed hemp, and alternated tares and caster as hook bait, a six foot deep swim only a rod length or...


Local Lake 6.5.16

Posted by The Flying Tench , 06 May 2016 · 0 views

7-9pm. Bright warm day, so decided just to fish dusk in the hope of some decent roach. Started on caster, and it was soon clear they were up in the water, so I fished half depth. Bite a chuck small roach, but no big ones so switched to a bigger bait. Prawn is popular for perch and roach on this lake in winter, so tried half a prawn on the bottom, but just...


Milton Pools Fishery, near Thame 18.4.16

Posted by The Flying Tench , 18 April 2016 · 0 views

My hope was to catch some of the quality roach which tend to reside in commercial fisheries, though it was a bit of a 'punt' as I have never been to this fishery before and had no reports on the roach fishing. The advice I was given by the guy in the shop there was to try Ben's Match Lake where they grow to 2.5lbs. Hmm, for some reason 'Ben's M...


Milky tea canal 11.4.16

Posted by The Flying Tench , 11 April 2016 · 0 views

I went to the Oxford Canal again with ultra-lite gear hoping for a proper Zander to add to the 4" one caught on maggot last time. Alas, there was nothing doing, not even a mini perch. I assume this was because of the very cloudy water, with visibility only 2 or 3 inches, doubtless due to the 17mm of rain we've had in the last couple of days. It...


First Zander 8.4.16

Posted by The Flying Tench , 08 April 2016 · 0 views

All 4 inches of him!

Oxford canal 3 to 6pm. My past visits to canals in April have all been blanks, so almost anything was going to count as a success. I started float fishing maggot under the rod tip in a very narrow stretch. I guess I had too light a float, and it was a bit strange to see the wind blowing the float against the flow. So I switched to an...


Thames ultralight 4.3.16

Posted by The Flying Tench , 04 March 2016 · 38 views

3.30-5pm Brief session. 5 small perch and a 4lb pike.
At a banker swim by a boat, at the start of fishing I got the usual immediate small perch, but a pike came in with it (not hooked.) After that the swim went dead!


Thames perch 26.2.16

Posted by The Flying Tench , 26 February 2016 · 61 views

3-5.30pm   WT 6 degC
I feel at a bit of a loss watching 'Ol' Father Thames' sheeting by in winter, and wondering where on earth the fish will be. First I tried a bit of float fishing with single maggot, but my eyesight isn't good enough to trot at the distance needed in fastish water, so I fished very close (2 feet) from the bank, th...


Thames lock cut roach 25.1.16

Posted by The Flying Tench , 25 January 2016 · 109 views

3-5pm, WT 7DegC
I chose this lock cut to avoid the wind, but found it was in the opposite direction to the forecast, so did prove a slight problem. Plan A was to fish fine for roach (float, single maggot), as in my last blog entry on the lake, though I had a plan B (lobworms for perch.). But this proved unnecessary as first cast I had a nice roach of...


Cold lake 22.1.16

Posted by The Flying Tench , 22 January 2016 · 77 views

Local lake, 3-5pm
Plan A was to catch perch and maybe roach on prawns, which is a good bait on this lake. But, contrary to the forecast, there was almost no cloud, I got no indications on the float, and felt I had to boost my expectation. So I switched to double maggot on size 18 hook. One good bite which I missed and then dead. But might that be a...


Jigging for perch 20.11.15

Posted by The Flying Tench , 20 November 2015 · 177 views

3pm to 4.45pm Thames
Plan A was to go roach fishing, but all the clouds disappeared and I though lure fishing might be a better bet. My new ultralite rod will have to wait for Christmas, but I thought it would be an interesting experiment to try jigging with a 12' feeder rod, with the most flexible tip. This would build on my tuition by Kappa a few...

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