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5.5.17 Nice Tench

Posted by The Flying Tench , 05 May 2017 · 0 views

2.30-5.30pm the Club Lake, Orchid Lakes
My original plan was to have 2 baits in the middle for bream, but few bream were coming out and a catfish angler told me you could get good tench in the margins. On reflection I think that is often the case at this time of year with the margins warming up faster than the deeper water.  So I had an 8mm pellet a quarter of the way across, and 2 pieces of sweetcorn 5ft from the bank.
It was bright and sunny, and day anglers have to leave by 7pm, so it wouldn't be possible to fish dusk. After an hour and a half I hadn't had a touch, even from small ones, but then I was really pleased to get a 6lb 0oz tench and an approx. 9oz roach, both from the margins.

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