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2-4 July 2017 Middle Severn

Posted by The Flying Tench , 04 July 2017 · 0 views

A trip to the Middle Severn on a quest for big roach. I stayed in a B&B at Bewdley for 2 nights. On Sunday night I fished the Northbrook stretch on the BAA ticket, and got off to a good start with a lovely roach that tipped the scales at exactly 1lb. Bait was ledgered 8mm pellet  No other bites, though, which turned out to be a bit of a theme for the couple of days.
On Monday morning I went to visit Arley, 3 miles north, which is a bit of a mecca - but I think mainly for barbel anglers. On the west side, where I parked, the swims I could access were very fast and shallow, and many were taken. Someone advised me on a stretch just south of Bewdley on a Kidderminster AA day ticket, and I decided to give it a try.  I fished 8mm pellet most of the time. Certainly it looked good, and anglers there spoke highly of it for roach as well as other species, but I didn't catch - just a couple of small dace and a chublet on sweetcorn. Actually, a lot of people were saying the river was too low. Most were fishing for barbel, and one or two had success, but the maggot anglers just had dace and chublets.  No-one I spoke to had a roach, even a small one.
On Tuesday morning I got some maggots and returned for a couple of hours to the Northwood stretch. Ledgered maggot gave bite a chuck - dace, chublets and a perch, but no roach still. I must say it was encouraging do be hitting some bites at last after the endless tremors on Monday as they nosed the pellets in my feeder. And the dace were reasonably solid, up to about 5 oz. Maggot is clearly a viable bait on the middle Severn, unlike the Thames.  I nearly continued on maggot to try and get a bigger dace, but decided to finish on 8mm pellet, to no avail.
For some reason the roach weren't feeding, except for the nice pounder that graced my net right at the start and saved a blank.

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