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5-7.9.2017 Sea fishing at Swanage

Posted by The Flying Tench , 10 September 2017 · 0 views

My experience of sea fishing is limited, to say the least. The first fish I ever caught were in the sea, when I was about eight. My dad took my brother and me out in a rowing boat at Hastings for an hour. Hand lines and bait (lugworms) were supplied. From memory we only went out about 30 yards, but we had 27 small whiting and three dabs. It all seemed remarkably easy! But future attempts have normally resulted in failure, the main catch being seaweed!
The last week was a family holiday, but I managed to do a little sea fishing, though nothing too ambitious. I started fishing with ledgered ragworm, first from a jetty and then the pier. I was pleased to catch 5 small wrasse - the same thing that everyone else was catching. At last, I've caught a fish from a pier!
I then booked a four hour trip on a boat, the San Gina. We caught some mackerel on feathers on the way out, and then fished 2 different marks, I would say 400 to 800 yards out. The captain, Jack, knew what he was doing, and I caught a 1lb lesser spotted dogfish, a 1.5lb spotted ray, and a 2.5lb thornback ray. I've been out on a boat like this a couple of times before and caught nowt, so was delighted - and impressed by Jack's skill and professionalism.
As a coarse fisherman the last week was an encouragement. Part of it was the sheer uncertainty of what might take the bait.

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