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my return to flowing water

Posted by viney , 19 June 2011 · 6,711 views

Kennet stream 16:30-23:00

My first trip back on flowing water and as is the norm I blanked...
I chose a stream I had never fished before but had wondered round in the winter, on arrival there was one other person fishing there, after a quick chat and some helpful advice I was headed to a swim I had passed and sussed out on arrival.
The swim in question involved an underarm cast to a tree in the water then passing the rod over bankside vegetation to where my rod rest was to give a better hit and hold angle. I set up the quiver rod with a simple running lead and a 10 inch fluro hooklength to a size 8 korda kurv. A hair rigged 14mm halibut pellet and a bag of assorted pellets completed the rig.
I dropped my baited rig just short of the tree and about half a foot short of the crease which signaled the faster flowing water of the outside of the bend. With my rod on the rest and a slight bend put in the tip I settled back and began to daydream of catching one of the streams larger residents (from what the guy I was talking to was saying barbel to 16lb came out last year and theres quite a few carp to 30lb)
Unfortunately it was not to be, the only bite came at around 10pm and was a very distinct chubby rattle on the tip, it was at this point I kicked myself for opting for a longer hair to specifically Target barbel and carp!
Although I blanked I left full of high hopes and plans to Target the fish in this stretch and leave the lakes alone for a bit!
Heading back this afternoon for round two, fingers crossed!

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