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River Thames - 02-03/10/2010

Posted by Nicholas S , 10 January 2011 · 2,888 views

A great weekend spent fishing the Thames with Alan and his dad Trevor. Saturday was spent at Trevorís secret location, a beautiful spot that gave us an appetiser for the sort of fish it can turn up on my last visit (see 29-30/08/2010) but sadly that time we were left empty handed. This time we had decided to adopt a more relaxed approach and feeder fish through the day hoping to build the swim up for Bream and possibly Chub and Barbel later in the day/night. The feeder fishing was excellent with both of us catching plenty of silver fish to a good size including a bonus Rudd for me which I was particularly chuffed with, havenít caught a Rudd for ages! As night fell the Bream moved in and although we werenít catching the numbers that you might associate with the Thames I was more than happy to finish the night with 5. Surprisingly Trevor and Alan both blanked claiming that I had the best swim! Not sure about that but itís always satisfying when a plan comes to fruition.

Sunday turned out to be a pretty miserable day with rain and strong winds making the thought of staying warm and toasty indoors seem very appealing! We eventually decided to brave it and to use up the leftover bait feeder fishing opposite where Trevor was moored up. Similar to Saturday we were catching plenty of silver fish with some excellent Dace thrown in. The final excitement of the day came right at the end when we managed to catch a cheeky Pike that had repeatedly snatched our fish as we were reeling them in! A trotted live bait quickly grabbed his attention and after a spirited fight we netted a nice fish of around 7lbs. I seem to have a habit of attracting Pike whenever I fish on the Thames, I think the next time I might have to try to target them specifically!

The Flying Tench
Jan 10 2011 10:12 PM
Good stuff, and nice to hear the Thames has some decent silver fish still. Could you give a rough indication of the size?
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Most of the silver fish fish were pretty small - i.e less than 0.5lb. I've never managed to catch any specimen size silver fish from the Thames (with the possible exception of Dace which I've probably caught to around 7oz max) although I'm sure they are there.
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