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River Wylye - 16/01/2011

Posted by Nicholas S , 07 February 2011 · 5,918 views

With the deluge of rain that persistently fell throughout the week my fishing options for the weekend were pretty limited. In the end I decided to pop down to the Wylye for a day Grayling fishing. Wading isnít allowed after Christmas so I took my trotting rod as well as my fly rod with the intention to fish for a while initially on the fly before trotting. The river was on a couple of inches up and had a tinge of colour, all in all the conditions looked excellent. I started short nymphing and quickly had three small Grayling and a Trout parr. However, without being able to wade the fly fishing was limited so I switched over to my trotting rod and landed a couple of Grayling before the Trout took over ruining the swim. This was a recurring theme throughout the day and despite trying numerous spots I couldnít catch any Grayling with any consistency. The Trout on the other hand seemed absolutely ravenous and I felt a tad guilty disturbing these wild fish when they should be spawning. In the end I caught around 9 Grayling to about 1lb and 20BT to 1.25lb. It was an enjoyable day but the river is more suited to fly fishing and judging by my morning catch, it seemed to pick out the Grayling a little more effectively so I couldnít help but feel that I should have stuck to the fly.

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