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Caught on film...

Posted by Julian , 30 May 2006 · 123 views

I took Izaak for a walk around my new target water early on Saturday and Sunday morning. Primarily this was so Lisa could have a few hours sleep but also because I want to spend as much time at the water as possible before the season kicks off on the 16th.

I found a few nice fish lurking in various areas over the two reconnaissance sessions and I can’t wait to start my campaign on there. The fish are not massive but there are a few nice examples. I’ve been concentrating my observations on a few key areas, mainly areas with overhanging willows which are now well into the water providing perfect sanctuary for the carp.

I even managed to catch one little kipper on film whilst trying out a new polarised filter. The water was a bit coloured so the pictures are not brilliant, but I like the atmospheric quality, especially the one where you can see his eyes and face a split second before he breaks through the surface!

Hoping to get out for a few hours surface fishing on another local water tonight, I’ll let you know how I get on…

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