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24 January

Posted by Chris Plumb , 24 January 2014 · 365 views

Kennet Pike
Middle Kennet Estate - Nr Newbury
0800 - 1645
Drizzly. 7ºC. Little wind - though enough to blow my brolly into the river when my back was turned! River 'full' with quite a bit of colour - more than I expected - and more than is usual for here.
19 Chub: All over 1lb - though biggest 'only' 3lb 13oz and 'only' 8 over 2lb! Pike; 10lb 11oz. 3 Dozen Dace with many many fish in the 6-8oz class, 9 roach - all small and only 3 troot (2 brownies and a rainbow).
A damp gloomy day in West Berkshire - though we got nothing like the amount of rain forecast just 24 hours earlier - thankfully the heavy stuff didn't arrive til after dark. I was quickly into the chub while Paul headed off in search of perch - only to have one snaffled by a very large pike - and he was distracted all morning by trying (and failing) to catch it! He did lose another smaller one which somehow threw the hook - a low to mid-double he said - confirmed when I hooked and landed it first cast on trotted lob (it was holed up in a favoured perch hotspot). Paul went on to get a couple of Pike to 8½lb and whilst he caught less than half the number of chub I did - he did manage the only 4lber of the day. All in all a most excellent days angling - followed up with a couple of pints and a curry at my local - Paul's trousers were literally steaming in front of the log fire!
Lob gobbler!
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Paul's Pike and 4lb chub...
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Soggy Snowdrops!

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Edited to remove tired stupidity, just realised that the chub and pike pictures are two pictures not one
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Chris Plumb
Jan 26 2014 09:36 AM

Uhh? :huh:

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Was very tired and the two pictures merged into one and I thought it was a huge chub (compared it to the size of the pike and his body) then looked again and saw it was two pictures and changed my comment
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