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Bivvy or Brolly ?

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#1 Guest_RobStubbs_*

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Posted 28 November 2001 - 01:59 PM

So what do you use/prefer ? I only ever use a brolly nowadays, although since I have a tracker big z I can just zip the front on if needed. In the winter time it's more to keep the damp off than anything else but using a bedchair cover helps keep everything dry (and me warm).


#2 Guest_Paul_H_*

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Posted 28 November 2001 - 05:05 PM

Depends on how long I am going to be there for and the weather, if just an overnighter and I'm not expecting rain I will use my profile and maybe put the front panels on if it gets cold or damp. For 24+ hour trips or if its raining I will use a bivvy presuming it can be put up in the swim I'm fishing, another advantage of a brolly.

#3 Guest_mpbdsnu_*

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Posted 28 November 2001 - 06:50 PM

Dawn till dusk (or less) = brotel.
Overnight or longer = Bivvie Posted Image

#4 Guest_Simon Newbould_*

Guest_Simon Newbould_*
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Posted 28 November 2001 - 07:23 PM

Depends on the time of year really.....
Brolly up until mid September or so.... Bivvy only for anything longer than an overnight when it's cold..


#5 Guest_noddy_*

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Posted 28 November 2001 - 10:53 PM

hi all.
as i normaly fish for a week at a time, and the swims have bags of room, i use both, a bivvie (2man) for me and the mrs to sleep in, and a tracker big z so that me and the mrs can sit under it during the day.

theres nothing like roughing it is there lads.

#6 Guest_peter mccue_*

Guest_peter mccue_*
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Posted 29 November 2001 - 05:28 AM

Up to 36hrs I use a Tails up Babylon but for anything longer, not that the chance arrives too often, I'll use my 2 man bivvy.

My thoughts are that the more uncomfortable you are the worse you fish, consequently, the less you enjoy your session.

#7 Guest_Chris Shaw_*

Guest_Chris Shaw_*
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Posted 29 November 2001 - 05:00 PM

Posted in error, sorry...

[This message has been edited by Chris Shaw (edited 29 November 2001).]

#8 Guest_biteless1_*

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Posted 30 November 2001 - 12:06 AM

ive just bought a big z so that i can watch the water all the time, also so i can up sticks if im in the wrong place.
ive got a titan for the winter when its really needed.

#9 Guest_Nightwing_*

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Posted 01 December 2001 - 09:48 AM

Jeep Cherokee, with the tailgate up!

#10 Guest_peter mccue_*

Guest_peter mccue_*
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Posted 01 December 2001 - 07:56 PM

years ago, I spent a few nights fishing out the back of a Vauxhall Chevette estate with the tailgate up. The first screaming run I had in the early hours had me hurtling panic stricken into a half raised tailgate, which left me laid in the wet grass looking up at an exhaust pipe for 10 mins while the Carp made good it's escape!!