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Boilie Soup?

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#1 Guest_Simon Newbould_*

Guest_Simon Newbould_*
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Posted 18 December 2001 - 08:42 PM

No, not another thread about the food you take with you on a session (although those Amoy Noodles Like Fresh are superb!)

No this is all about Boilie Soup, developed originally by Ken Townley (I believe) The idea is/was to create a semi liquid ground bait.... A typical recipe would be as per your usual mix ie.... 16oz Base Mix, some flavouring and some attractors, amino's etc... (obviously if you do add flavourings take into account the fact the mix is not to be boiled!)

Instead of mixing with eggs until you form a firm dough you mix with water to form a sludgy liquid..... Leave it over night to absorb all the attractors and stuff... top up with water and give it a good mix the following morning...

The idea was to create a feeding area close to the bank (obviously! try catapulting this stuff and you'll see what I mean! Posted Image )by spooning the stuff in using a cobra baiting spoon (or similar) and an extendable landing net handle...

Townley recommended the addition of a couple of jars of lumpfish eggs (red and black) and maybe a little hemp along with some broken or crumbed baits.... not to much though cos you're trying to create an area that absolutely reeks of food, the mearest waft of a fin sends up clouds of fine smelling fishmeal particles... but there isn't that much for the fish to actually get their heads down on..... except for the fish eggs and the hemp.....

Introduce this stuff in a likely looking area put a hookbait (balanced, on a shortish hooklink works well) on it and sit back and await some action.....

Now the question is... Has anyone out there actually tried this stuff? I must admit to giving it a go once but it was a very half hearted attempt to be honest... I just love the sound of it though... it sounds like it should work a treat.... so... who's tried it and what were the results...?


#2 Guest_RobStubbs_*

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Posted 19 December 2001 - 02:13 PM

I prefer to do the same with a groundbait type mix. Much easier to handle and keep in tighter areas and to my mind it acheives the same objectives.

I am currently using boilie crumb to acheive the same thing but so far no joy, although crumb with hemp & groats has previously worked well for me in winter.


#3 Guest_Andy Thatcher_*

Guest_Andy Thatcher_*
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Posted 20 December 2001 - 02:59 PM

Tried it but that 16oz of base mix is a bit expensive.

Good but not great. As mentioned groats are a blinding particle and I went back to those attracting just as many fish into the swim.

ANMC Member, Go on you want to too !

#4 Guest_Simon Newbould_*

Guest_Simon Newbould_*
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Posted 27 December 2001 - 03:22 PM

Hi guy's.....

Thanks for the replys... it seems that your findings have been similar to my own... I must admit that the 16oz of base mix is a bit expensive to be using in this way... but I think if it all comes together right the results could be blinding Posted Image