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Tri-Spectrum HVO Glasses Pano Wrap

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Posted 11 October 2009 - 04:18 PM

You own different rods and reels for particular types of fishing, so why don't you own different sunglasses to go along with them? Sunglasses can mean the difference between a good day and a great day. That's why Tri-Spectrums come in three lens colours: brown for everyday and deep-water angling; rose for spring creek and flats fishing; and copper for freestone fishing and fast-changing light conditions. The rose lenses let you see bonefish on the flats or big brown trout on chalkstreams far better than any other colour because of the way they accent blue and green colours. You see more fish, sooner. That means more shots. Same holds true with copper lenses on freestone streams. They pick up trout better than do the rose glasses. But the reason the different colours make such a big difference is because Tri-Spectrums are the best angling sunglasses made, period. Unlike most sunglass lenses, Tri-Spectrum lenses are true de-centred lenses of prescription glass quality. Each lens is ground and polished from a solid block of minerals for consistency of quality and for far less distortion and greater peripheral vision than with other sunglass lenses. The lenses on these fishing sunglasses transmit more light at the three bands of primary colours so the contrasts between colours are sharper and clearer for the utmost definition at the edges of object and improved ability to distinguish fish from objects underwater. And the lenses are set into the Italian-made frames to all but eliminate lenses popping out. Fishing sunglasses are not available in Rx. Italy.

Price: 149.00

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